Stormberg Safaris hunt on the ranch itself, as well as on other concession areas. The ranch is plus minus 10 000 acres / 4 000 ha and the hunting area is 5 000 acres / 2 000 ha. The concession areas that belong to other landowners differ in size. Most of the hunt is done on foot due to the fact that most of the areas are inaccessible by vehicle.


The terrain and vegetation differs from flat savannah grasslands to hills and also dense bush, which allows for different animals to be hunted.

We offer trophy hunts as well as cheaper cull hunts. We understand that not all hunters are trophy hunters. Cull hunting is therefore also offered as it helps us keep the game numbers under control, and accommodates all types of hunters. Night hunts can also be arranged where our clients can shoot porcupine, springhare, cape hare, scrub hare, black backed jackal, caracal and genet. We offer a large number of different animals for the hunter.


We also offer big game hunts in South Africa as well as in neighbouring countries such as, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia.


Hunting Season

Our hunting season in South Africa starts 1st May to end of August, but at Stormberg we are able to hunt throughout the year, because our area is fenced, and so are our concession hunting areas. The best time for hunting is March - September for the animals do not have any young ones at this time. Wing shooting of land and water birds as well as doves and pidgeons is available. For hunters who want to bring their own rifles, we at Stormberg Safaris will organise the import permits.

Our aim at Stormberg Ranch is to ensure an unforgettable time with us and make dreams come true.